2-6 yrs old
Meet in the Far left classroom

7-10 yrs old
Meet in the far left classroom

Junior Class
11-13 yrs old
Meet in the back hall,
Class on the right

Young Peoples
14-24 yrs old
Meet in the back hall,
Class on the left

About Bible Story Time

Bible lessons are taught, in age-appropriate classes, that encourage them to make good decisions and that promote Christian values, and that prepare them to be a benefit to their families, their schools, and the community.

The Church of God teachers understand that the answer to “keeping the right focus” and not losing direction is by establishing a sure foundation in Jesus Christ. When these children have a personal relationship with Christ, they don’t have to face the middle school pressures alone. The can have a deep-rooted assurance in the love of their heavenly father to keep, direct, and satisfy them.

BST Parade Float

Bible Story Time In The Neighborhood

Since 1976, concerned mothers and fathers have taught good old-fashioned Bible stories in their private homes. Once a week, neighborhood children gather for fun, Gospel, and spiritual enrichment. Sponsored by the Church of God in Carmichael, California, Bible Story Time has been “planting” God’s Word in the hearts of thousands of children over the years.

There have been thousands of children reached in the homes of good families with a vision of how God’s word can make all the difference. Bible Story Time is for children from 2 years to Middle School age, where Bible stories are the subject of our fun time together! Throughout the year we’ll also have special programs and good stuff to take home!

In a Carmichael home 35+ Years

Now at: Gibbons Park
Starting March 2024
3:00-4:00 pm


Cordova Meadows Apartments

BST in the winter typically runs from late January and ending some time in May. We implement singing, flannel stories and skits to teach these precious truths!

Northcrest Apartments

Through summer till early fall. Why Did we Bring BST to Northcrest Apartments? God told me “You’re going to have to take the Gospel to them…”