Magnifying Gglass on ScripturesBible Study classes, available for all ages, are held Sunday at 9:30-10:15 AM. Bring your whole family!

For personal Bible study we recommend the following guidelines and study tools:

  • Always pray and ask God to direct your understanding into His will and purpose as you study.
  • Do not study to “prove a point” but rather to know the mind of God.
  • Endeavor to understand scriptures within their original context by:
    • Understanding a scriptural meaning by reading the full writing where the scripture is located, so you better understand the full thought the writer was trying to convey.
    • Understand the original meaning of words by utilizing a Strong’s reference tool.
    • Better understand a Bible word and scripture by utilizing a Concordance tool to find similar words used in other scriptures.
    • Better understand the background and meaning of scriptures by reading the writings of the better scholarly commentators such as: Adam Clark, Mathew Henry, John Wesley, etc. or even the Halley’s Bible Handbook.
    • Better understand the background and culture surrounding certain Bible words, names, and places by utilizing a Bible Dictionary (such as Smiths Bible Dictionary).

There are a number of good online and mobile Bible applications and study tools available. Here is a list of only some of them (there are even more):