For many the week after Christmas and prior to the new year is a kind of a transition. Saying goodbye to the old and preparing to say hello to the new. So naturally it is a season of reflection.

I am reminded during my reflection of certain relationships that help me to make Christ important on a daily basis. Our society is very powerful in moving hearts and minds away from Kingdom of God and into the Kingdom of Vanity. So when I have several hours to reflect on my own season of transition these relationships bring me back to the importance of Christ.

In the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden at the end of Creation the man and the woman are naked and not ashamed. (Gen 2:25)

Or, in my words, they are vulnerable and completely safe in the presence of God. To be physically, emotionally, or spiritually vulnerable can be a terrifying thing when one is in the presence of a great threat. This is the beginning of anxiety and ultimately the fear for our very existence. Where there is insecurity and lack of safety there is fear and torment.

But inside the boundary of this paradise God has removed every threat. There is no fear, no terror, only safety, and therefore no shame. Outside the boundary the Lord established another place. Into this place he compelled the man and the woman to go when they attempted to bring in this “wilderness” way of living into the Garden. The Garden place is completely unlike the wilderness place, and vice-versa.

As we transition from a year filled with threats, including a virus like a plague, into a year with the hope of greater safety I hope we will find ourselves also becoming more vulnerable toward God. For this is the greatest irony of life. When we lose our self-made defenses we gain the greatest security we will ever know.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]