June 15, 2021

“On June 15 the State removed the tiered Covid-19 restrictions that had been the county by county or region by region protocol for reopening businesses and public gatherings.  Instead the State implemented guidelines for indoor/outdoor assemblies (greater than 5,000 or 10,000 persons), the wearing of masks in public places, and guidelines for those who have been vaccinated or not.
In addition, places of worship continue to be subject to criteria set forth in U.S. Supreme Court cases late last year.  The following link is the State page on Covid-19:

Our congregation subsequently announced that we will continue to meet for indoor worship and classes subject to these requirements:
  • Masks will be optional both in the worship service and in child and adult classes.  It will be up to the adult or parent of a minor to determine if the adult or child wears a mask.
(An exception to this is our congregational singing.  We do request that all wear a mask during the congregational singing until we announce it too will be optional)
  • Social distancing of 6′ between persons not of the same household during the worship service and outdoors on the church campus.
  • Classroom spacing will be at least 3 feet from the next person.
  • All touched surfaces will be sanitized between services
  • Doors may remain open during services for air flow, and our HVAC filters have been changed recently.
We continue to monitor new cases in our County and may change these requirements if conditions warrant.”