Sunday Morning Podcast November 16, 2014. Bro. Dave Goble.

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And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Three things abide and endure. Faith, Hope, and Charity. Although charity is the greatest, faith and hope are not inconsequential.  Hope, faith, and charity are all connectors to God. They are important to the testimony of God in our life.  Our testimony is similar to us wearing an advertisement on our person, declaring what is inside of us.  Without hope, all kinds of things will go wrong.  For hope is our sustenance, and our maintenance.   If you meditate on hope, it is hard then to be discouraged. If we just even say the word hope to ourselves throughout the day, it can and will “lift” us up to it. Hope tends to crowd out discouragement, negative thoughts, etc. Who is our hope? Jesus Christ!  To have genuine hope means it is necessary to have a relationship with Jesus.

Hope points to the need of waiting for it.  It has the need of waiting in the passage of  time, to possess it.  Hope works for your patience. Hope helps one to get back up, if they “stumble.”   Hope brings the desire to do “whatever it takes,” to make heaven your home! The evidence of hope will be like an outward garment on you, demonstrated by your life. Hope brings victory in the midst of weakness, …as long as you “run the race!”  Hope is what we don’t see, but we will have patience to experience, …if we wait on God.  No matter whether you move fast, or slow, if you are putting one step ahead of the other, you can finish the race …because of hope!