Sunday Morning Podcast May 7, 2017. Bro. Sergio Reyes.

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TEXT: Song of Solomon 2:1  I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

The lily is a flower that has many virtues, and is a metaphorical illustration of Christ.  Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like the beauty of the lily.  It is the tallest of flowers, yet hangs it’s head in a lowly fashion, which is a symbol of humility.  As Christ is holy but still humble, so holiness and humility are also the ornaments of His children.  The lily’s roots are strong and fruitful, as Christians must also be to thrive for God.  As illustrated by Jesus, as the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley, so He is the example to us of holiness and of a humble mind.

Jesus, lily of the valley and of the mountain, in all His glory and mercy, still looks down upon mankind to love and forgive.   Everyday some of us realize how undeserving we are for this gift, yet we need to accept it!   On the other hand, no matter how important you might think you are,  you didn’t deserve such a gift!   It is Christ’s mercy that makes us aware of the stink and ugliness of the sin we come to Him with.  It is Christ’s gift of mercy, that then gives us His sweet smelling experience for our soul.

The valley in this scripture, is a symbol of any low place in our life.  Even in the midst of those very low places, if we allow it, Christ will be as a beautiful lily thriving in the midst of those places of deserts and desolation. The lily has the ability to grow in the most barren and thorny of grounds.  Literally and spiritually.  God shows us that, even in the valley, we can prosper and produce spiritually for Him.  In severe times of sickness and tribulation, you might not have the answers, but Jesus, the Lily of the Valley, does!  If you set your own thoughts and opinions aside, God can speak to your heart the encouragement, strength, and answers you need!

The God of the Mountain, is also the God and Lily of the Valley!