Sunday Morning Podcast May 27, 2018. Bro. Richard Lehman.

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God planned your and my life, long before we were born.  He knows our personal “makeup.”  He detailed your and my life completely.  He has a personal purpose and calling, for each soul on earth.

TEXT: ACTS 17:29,30  

29 Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device.
30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:

We all need to be trying to be introduced to God and His purpose. By trying to get away from our “formulating God,” and instead to have a personal connection.  We in our own wisdom, can’t do this.  It becomes a very, very individual soul search.  It entails us to earnestly petition, and sometimes fasting to truly have that more personal connection with Him.  We can have a “host” of people gather to formally worship, but not enough are getting truly personal and surrendered to what God would lead in.  The first step for this, is to be introduced to God’s personal calling to us, …individually. Sometimes it can seem people are almost afraid of having a personal calling. This can happen by having our own opinions of God’s personal calling for us.  It will take earnest prayer and getting a hold of God, to know and follow His personal calling for us.  And when you do come to understand it,  you are not going to be casual about it.  God didn’t create you to be a “church groupie.”  For too many, religions operate as if they were called to a “group.”  They become distracted by the “purpose” of the group, instead of their personal calling to Jesus.  

In Mark 1:12-28 is the account how first, Jesus by the spirit, was driven or called into the wilderness.  He was then there for 40 days and nights. It was a time of great testing, temptation, prayer and fasting.  As Jesus left, He walked by the sea of Galilee, and saw and called Simon (Peter) and Andrew his brother who were casting a net into the sea for they were fishers.  And straightway they forsook their nets to follow Jesus.  Jesus then called James and John who also followed Him.  Later on the Sabbath, in the temple, He began to preach, so that those there, were astonished at His doctrine, for Jesus taught with authority, and not as the “scribes.”  When one in the temple who had an unclean spirit cried out, Jesus cast out those spirit, and brought a calm.  All were amazed and wondered at this Man and His calling.  The disciples who had called by Jesus to be followers, did not really comprehend the magnitude of what had transpired.  In the 39th chapter of Genesis,  it tells how Joseph was called to suffer many things from his own brethren, and a continued “journey” of tragic events of suffering in his living for God.  But God’s calling for him in this, reaped a blessing that saved many from the death of starvation.  Joseph was honored in promotion to be a ruler to bring this about.  God was glorified in Joseph’s life, because Joseph was willing to heed the calling that would include suffering for being obedient to Him.

And so it is with each who is called by God.  Do you really know what the reality of what your calling is?  One thing your calling from God isn’t; it’s not a competitiveness or self promotion to “move up,” and seeking a “position.” God’s “pattern” is for you to “not” expect and include your own expectations.  It never includes sin.  Any calling from God is based in humility, and the knowledge that without God calling you, you have nothing.  As more time passes, from when we were called, the more we began to realize the seriousness of it.  Even though saved, you still might not fully understand the purpose of your calling, but God will lead you into it, if you are zealous to obey. It will never be based in your own perception.  It will instead seek the mind of Christ.  But getting the mind of Christ for our calling, will take seeking, fasting and praying.  If you don’t keep “engaged” in that purpose, you will inevitably “draw back” from God’s calling for you.  God’s personal calling for you will close off some paths, but open new doors for where He would lead you.

What’s your personal calling?  Do you know if you have one?  Are you seeking God for what it is?