Sunday Morning Podcast May 12, 2019. Bro. Dave Goble.

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TEXT : EXODUS 20:12  Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

This is the first commandment with promise!  Because there is a promise connected to this commandment to honor.  A longer life than otherwise.  Honor thy mother.  A mother means many things when she functions as she was created to.  A nurturer, caregiver, teacher, provider, correcter, counselor, healer, defender, rebuker, instructor, judge, guide, …a child needs all these things, to grow up healthy,  productive, and fulfilled.   We can be thankful that God gives us that purpose to honor a godly mother’s role in the family, and we should all do so.  It’s good that there is one special day that we can recognize them this way, but God also wants us to honor our mothers every day.  It is the fourth commandment,  placed somewhat midway between the ten God gave. It is somewhat as an “intersection,” between the ideal standards, ‘and’ of the practice of motherhood.  Between the holy and heaven ideal, and the earthy practice.  An earthly practice, with the display of godly guidance.  An intersection of ideal, and practice when we interpret the ten commandments as God intended for our life.   So this message is about both the ideal, and the practice, and how they intersect.  A heaven and earth intersection.

We’re on the earth, with earthly bodies, but we are expected from God to display a heavenly nature.  And God helps us understand how we can do this, with this intersection that happens and can be displayed over, and over again.   It is how motherhood is designed by God.   There are threats, and obstacles against motherhood.   Too often today, people want to leave God up in heaven and not in a personal intersection.   It’s not!  God designed motherhood as a example and revelation of the intersection, when heaven meets earth.  We have a human mind, fallible, but God wants there to be an illustration of heaven touching earth.  If people would just obey God, there would be so much less risk and loss of a good life, without the continued reaping of sin.   God is not meant to stay up there, and us separated while down here.   Jesus is the mediator, the catalyst.  If Christ is weak in you then the catalyst doesn’t really happen.  We need to let Christ be strong in us so the catalyst of heaven and earth can be within.  Get in this completely,  with both feet, through salvation, and sanctification.  Don’t be afraid to do so mentally and emotionally!   God wants us to have a pride and thankfulness to be this way.  We may say we’re in a battle, but it doesn’t compare with the persecution suffered in foreign lands.   Our weapons are spiritual, because we’re in a spiritual battle!  If we’re serving God, we definitively realize the benefits in the midst of our “human failings.”  The truths we hold, are precious and eternal!  Even when we are lacking.  If we honor motherhood, we’re meant to live long in the land.

Honoring Our Mothers….as The Intersection Between Heaven and Earth.