Sunday Morning Podcast February 20, 2022. Bro. Dave Goble. Pastor

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Ultimately this morning in our message, is to continue this ongoing thought of  ..”a journey from the destination.”   Thoughts on what facilitates and helps that.  To become more aware, motivated and infused with God in our daily lives.  There have been so many disruptions in our daily lives, that it is important that we realize that our strength is going to be in our daily walk with God, so that He really answers our daily problems in a marvelous way.  We’ve talked about are going from destinations of our own making.  We thought that we were at a destination that God wanted us to be at.  But then we find out there has been a lot of being in “a place of our own making.”   Then to learn how to move from that.  It’s a journey, and not just a destination.  The Lord wants us to not get stale, but keep moving on the straight and narrow way.  This morning I’m going to speak to you more about self awareness.  I have two witnesses biblically,  in this thought. This first witness is found in 1 Corinthians.  We will use this witness, to understand how aware we really are.  Of ourselves, and this journey that we’re on.

TEXT:  1 CORTHIANS  13:11-12

11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also i am known.

Paul was speaking from the standpoint of a juvenile mentality, and not what Jesus instructed in having a child like faith. It is good not to mistake or confuse these distinctions. It is a destination where Paul had arrived at, through his own devices and making, although it included faith.  He then recognized things about himself that he needed to change, and move away from.  To become closer with God.  As he became a man, he put away those childish things.  He became aware.  That as he had “learned”. he had become stuck, repeating without learning anything new, that God would lead him into.  Our desire should be not to get stuck at a place of our own making.  But rather to get unstuck so that we can move forward with God.   In this message, we will see, that each of us needs to see things, ..that we can clearly see.  The title of our message is, “I can see clearly now.”   Don’t you want to see yourself clearly as God sees you?   It’s important to see ourselves as God does!   There are often parts of ourselves that aren’t really “on,”  so we need to become aware of how God sees us, in order to keep moving, otherwise we’re stuck!  The blessing is, we can get to the place that  “I can see myself, more clearly now.”  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.  This is where we are going to spend some time, on this thought.   As we travel on in this life, we should be interested in our faithLeaps of faith.  To get over things we cannot, by ourselves.  We should be interested in the teachings and doctrines of Christ!  Interested in confessing our faults one to another.  That we might have an effectual and fervent prayer.  Confessing our faults to God so that we wouldn’t be “stuck” in a place of our own making.   Confession is underrated and needs to be emphasized.   That should lead us to an understanding, “I see myself!”  Can we say, I see myself, and not looking at others and their faults?  Not even talking here about being lost in sin, but of our human faults. 

Do we see ourselves?  Clearly? That should be our goal!  Paul’s point, was that there are things about ourselves that we just don’t understand that well!   We need to see ourselves, so that we can be effective with other people.  I see through a glass, (old fashioned for a mirror).  The word “through” here doesn’t mean to look through, but seeing myself by means of a reflection in a mirror.  It is very important that we see that Paul is talking about how he sees himself here.  Through a mirror here means, “by virtue of,” or  “I see myself, by means of a reflection in a mirror.”  That’s what that verse means.  It’s important that we understand that Paul is talking about himself here.  Not how he sees God, or God sees him necessarily, although that’s part of it. (I know in part; but then shall I know even as also i am known.)  Rather Paul is talking about how he sees himself.  This scripture needs to be taken in context,  re prophecy, things not clear, having spoken as a child, did not quite see things and now I see a little better.  But even then, now I see myself in a mirror.  And how well can you see yourself in a dimly lit room?  Because a reflection is simply a reflection of you, from light.  Light shines on an object, and it’s reflected, and depending on the brightness of the light, ..that’s the brightness of the light reflected back on us.  That’s why we see the moon, which has no illumination of it’s own, but depends on the sun for it’s reflection of light.   This is an analogy for light.  We’re in a life where sometimes it’s difficult to see ourselves.  Because the illumination that we depend on, is not quite as bright as that light.  One might say, “how can that be?  Aren’t we in possession of all the truth?”   The truth is as a bright light, so how can that be?”  ..“We see through a glass, darkly”, ..I can’t see myself clearly.  I only know myself in part.   He’s not necessairly, talking about how he sees himself.   Then, I shall see Him, face to face.  Whose face?  God’s face!  “Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also i am known.”   There’s a large element in this verse, of being self aware.   Being aware of myself in relation to God!  How God sees me!  The image that I look at in that mirror, is supposed to be a reflection of the light that on the image.  The light on the image, is the light that comes from God.  That reflection is supposed to be as God sees me.  And I’m supposed to be a refection of godliness!  But sometimes it’s not that easy.   Psalms 139:23,24   23 Search me O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting

“Search me O God,”  (with a bright light).  Why does he say that?  Because there is need for an illumination of his life!  Do you believe this is a sinner that is asking this question?  Or someone that loves God?   Search me.  Why? So I can know my heart.   Try me in some tribulation.  Test me see what I got.  It’s easy to be nice to people when everything is going well.  But in traffic when someone cuts you off, backs up into you, at home someone upsets you, or etc.  It’s easy to be kind to people when everything is going well.  But when it’s not going well, what comes out?  Search me, because the mirror I’m looking at, reflects to me an image that is difficult for me to see who I really am.   So I need you God, to turn up the light, ..for I need to know who I really am.   Are each of us fully interested in knowing who we really are?  Do each of us presume we’ve arrived at a destination, that everything that needs to be removed, has been removed?  That nothing about us is still troublesome.  Have you arrived at that place?   That I don’t have any faults or human failings that gets in the way of other human beings?   Have you arrived at this place?   We need God to turn up the light brightly!  And illuminate what is going on with us!   Some things happen, and it’s not always how I want it to come out!  So I want God to turn up the light on my heart and show me what’s in there!  Some presume that this about sin, so they exempt themselves of needing to be searched from this illumination.  They might think that because they are religious, and go through the spiritual routines, that “they’re all good,”  when they have something about themselves that needs to change!  And somehow they are stopping short, and are stuck!   Stuck at a place of their own making!  But God wants you to see, “no” ..that you see yourselves dimly when you look in this mirror of life.  Even though you have access to all of this light, you still have some things about yourselves that you still see not clearly.   We need to become aware, of ourselves of how God sees us!   We need God to search us and illuminate ourselves so we can see clearly!  

The Journey From the Destination – VI:  I Can See Clearly Now