Local Congregation History

The present congregation of the Church of God located at 5334 Whitney Ave., in Carmichael, California was formed first in the late 1940’s. It first met in the home of Roy and Geneva Gary. Everyone brought folding chairs and used them in the home worship services. The bedrooms were Sunday school classrooms, with about 52 in regular attendance.

With a need for a building to meet in, God provided the small congregation 2 acres on the south side of California and Cassidy Streets in Carmichael. The first services were held on the floor of the upcoming building, before the walls were built. They sat on their folding chairs, moving into the completed building in 1952.

Some time after the death of our first pastor, James Griffin Grey, Samuel McConehea was obedient to God’s call and came out to Carmichael in January 1965. His family moved here a couple of months later. Brother McConehea had given his heart and life to God in November 1951.

The congregation continued to grow and in 1971 moved into a new property with a larger worship facility and classroom space on El Camino Avenue in Carmichael.

The property at 5334 Whitney Avenue was purchased in November 1986 and the first service here dedicated on May 16, 1991, with over 7 acres of land and ultimately a large worship facility, fellowship hall, and caretaker’s residence. We give all the thanks to God for his bounty and faithfulness, but recognize at the same time the generous and dedicated contributions of our local leadership during these years.

Brother McConehea served as pastor of the congregation until 1995, continuously serving for over 30 years as a faithful minister of the Gospel. He passed away in 1999, and his wife, Sister Clara McConehea, in 2001.

After serving as assistant pastor for many years, William Cornelison was called by God to be pastor in 1995. Brother Cornelison was saved in the early 1950’s and recently retired from his full time ministry in 2007.

Our present pastor is David Goble, who has been a continuous member of the congregation since 1981. He and his wife Helene are raising two children at home, with two in college.

For over 30 years our neighborhood children’s outreach program, Bible Story Time, has brought the Gospel to many children and teens in our area. Our support of overseas missions continues, as does our weekly evangelism to the community, weekly elderly residence care worship services, and other efforts to fulfill our obligation to the great commission of Christ found in Matthew 28 to “teach all nations” to “observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” We welcome the participation of each and every one saved by the atonement of Christ to sin no more!