Keeping in the love of God is very important. Many times circumstances are different, and not what you would like them to be, but you must deal with them the way they are. The right answer is “with love” . We must keep up with that love for God’s word in our lives at all times. Sometimes the situation needs a rebuke, but we must still exercise love in doing so. The enemy wants us to get an attitude so he can “kill our ability” to witness to souls. Sometimes it can be difficult to exercise love, even right amongst the Family of God, when we feel something is not being handled right, but we must love anyway.

Sin can work like a wolf to destroy souls. Souls in this condition can be very difficult to deal with, but we must still show souls the attitude of love as we deal with them. One shared that “I recently faced a situation where a family member got mad without just cause and started hitting me, and I didn’t fight back. It was only because I’m a different person because of salvation. If this had happened in the past, I would have fought back.”

It is in Mark 5:1-20 where we read about Jesus working with a devil possessed man, rebuking and casting out the demons. It states then that he was in his right mind. We need to remember that sinners cannot start really thinking the way that God wants them to think until after He saves them their sinful condition.

Also, when people become Christians, they are not always knowledgeable of what sin encompasses. A loving Christian example is to allow God to show the new convert how to live. Even though they may continue to exhibit conduct, unknowingly, that is offensive: we still must carry a burden and pray for God’s wisdom to show them the gospel. God can do a much better job of dealing with their heart and providing them understanding. It takes more grace to be long-suffering. Anybody can pick another apart, and if we do, it will not minister grace to anyone.