Sin appeared in the earliest history of man and, sadly, it flourishes today. It does not discriminate – it spans race, gender, age, and even religion. It’s a cancer bound in our hearts from birth, spreading more and more through our character during our lifetimes. It’s part of being human – isn’t it?

What if you could live your life totally free from destructive habits? What if you could reject temptations before they influence your actions? What if you never had to sin again? Would you want that? Well, there is a way. It is found in Jesus.

World religions acknowledge Jesus as a great prophet. Modern self-help and green movements have philosophies based on his teachings. Many Christian religions espouse parts of his doctrine. All show you ways to live better and be more at peace with yourself and the world, but none will show you how to stop sinning. The Bible says Jesus came to set you free from your sin. Does this Jesus exist? Yes!

You will find him at the Church of God in Carmichael. You will hear him speaking to your most secret needs in the preaching. You will see his holiness lived genuinely in people’s lives. You will feel the love of God pricking your heart. You will get a taste of true Christianity.

Join us and hear how you can gain total freedom from destructive habits. Find Jesus, who can take away all your sin and miraculously change your life.