Can the Lord Count You Faithful?

Old Faithful

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
Luke 16:10

In Yellowstone National Park there are many wonderful things to see. There are many geysers and waterfalls there. The most famous geyser is called Old Faithful. Why is it called Old Faithful? It is because you can count on Old Faithful to come up at certain intervals. At the park they will tell you exactly the time when it will come up. It is consistent. God wants us to be even more consistent than Old Faithful.

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Staying Focused through Mid-Life Crisis

In our age group, we are in a part of life where a number of things from all sides hits us. When it happens, it can cause us to go through a phase where we feel detached. It can happen because we are in the middle. We may have our teenage children who are making decisions in their life sometimes without God. We also have parents who are needing us to care for them. We may be suddenly close to them again, only to lose them soon. We are put in a situation where life has changed. Even in our job, we can go through changes, but we must keep our purpose of why we are serving Christ.

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His Faithfulness

His Faithfulness is always Every day Every hour, every moment.. when we pray. Sickness, Poverty, and Heartache too. His Benevolent Power Always… brings us Through. So when those storms strike again…Remember, Again He’ll be Faithful… to hold our hand. He will pick us up… and carry us on. For those are still His footprints… on […]

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Alive in Faith Or Asleep in Unbelief ?

The Lord wants His word to be alive in us wherever we go. God’s word must be precious to us and we must be feasting on it and discussing it regularly.

There are many people who don’t truly care nor have respect for God’s word and the how it teaches us to live. Too often they have a cynical opinion about the way things are going in life and about the pure path instructed from the Bible.

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