Spiritual Blindness

Blindness; we know it as when someone has been impaired in their sight. They no longer or have never been able to see things that are around them. They live in total darkness everyday. They cannot see where they are going nor see what is coming at them. Dangerous! One must feel vulnerable when they are blind. Yet, there is a blindness that is worse than being blind physically and that is being spiritually blind. Spiritual blindness is the darkest place you can be here on earth. It is the most dangerous place one can be in.

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Are You a Sinner or a Saint?

Sinners and Saints are on two different roads and headed in two different directions. They are as opposite as black and white. If you mix black and white you come up with gray. The word of God tells us that God’s will is that we are white:

Photo white flower

“wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” Ps. 51:7
“though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow.”
Isaiah 1:18

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Staying Focused through Mid-Life Crisis

In our age group, we are in a part of life where a number of things from all sides hits us. When it happens, it can cause us to go through a phase where we feel detached. It can happen because we are in the middle. We may have our teenage children who are making decisions in their life sometimes without God. We also have parents who are needing us to care for them. We may be suddenly close to them again, only to lose them soon. We are put in a situation where life has changed. Even in our job, we can go through changes, but we must keep our purpose of why we are serving Christ.

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The Power of God

Power! A lot of people seeking for power. People want power to be in charge of big corporations, power to become someone known and big amongst men; This kind of power is purely man-made. It is obtainable but can be lost in a moment. People in high positions with a lot of money, make up the so called “power” that runs countries and also destroys them.

Then we read in the Bible about a “power” that Jesus talks about. This power only comes from God. This power is given to those who are truly Jesus disciples.

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