Bible Study Class 4-29-08

What are things that can hinder us from being in a position to help others?*

Main avenues of concern to discuss on this topic:*

  • Avoiding An Inward Focus,…Casting Down Imaginations
  • Being Committed and Yet Exercising a Balance
  • Not Being Weary in Well Doing and Keeping Our Spiritual Outreach Fresh

Avoiding an Inward Focus,…And Casting Down Imaginations

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Our Relationship With God is Affected By Our Thoughts

On 4-1-2008 the Mature Family and Single Adult class considered and discussed the following question: “What are the things that are ruining people’s relationship with God and their ability to have a relationship with him?” and “What can be done about it?” These are a very “broad” questions that could span many areas of people’s lives and their attitudes. During the time of our class the discussion seemed to polarize around four main “themes”:

1. How we think and meditate
2. Being unselfish and willing to practice self-denial
3. Faithfulness – being true to our first love
4. Avoiding worldliness and worldly philosophies

The class started first by considering the hindrances of wrong thinking. Thoughts that we meditate on can be damaging to a relationship.

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