God sent Elijah to stand before Ahab, and it was a bold thing for him to say that there should be neither dew nor rain; but did he not lock up the heavens for three years and six months? Did he fail? And you cannot find any place in Scripture where a man was ever sent by God to do a work in which he ever failed.  D. L. Moody

Had Moses failed to go, had God
Granted his prayer, there would have been
For him no leadership to win;
No pillared fire; no magic rod;
No wonders in the land of Zin;
No smiting of the sea; no tears
Ecstatic, shed on Sinai’s steep;
No Nebo with a God to keep
His burial; only forty years
watching with his sheep.
J. R. Miller

If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

May we ‘walk in grace’ together.
Let us find ‘joy in the journey and good times in the going’.