“As your days–so shall your strength be!” Deuteronomy 33:25

“Here is a precious promise for a trying day! It belongs to every Christian who is traveling to the Celestial City. It provides for every part of life’s journey; for every day–as each day may require.

It is especially suited to the dark days, the wintry days, and the trying days–when all our earthly props fail us; the days when our fellow man cannot help us.

Fellow pilgrim! Are you dispirited, depressed, and cast down? Are you looking back upon the past with sorrow–and forward into the future with fear? Cheer up! The Lord will not lay on you more than He will enable you to bear–nor will He allow any other to do so.

However weak you may feel in yourself,
however rough the road you may need to travel,
however heavy the burden you may have to carry–
God will supply you with sufficient strength for the day!

He has never allowed you to be crushed yet, though you may have staggered under some heavy burdens. He who has helped you in the past–is still your helper today. He will also help you in all the future. “As your days”–be they as troublesome as they may–“so shall your strength be.”

Whether your day brings life or death, joy or trial–it does not matter. God will send you exactly what you need to pass through it! Do not look at your trials, do not dwell on your inability–but lay hold on the promises of God and seek His grace to exercise faith in Him.

Then let Satan suggest what he pleases, or the flesh object as it may–you will be able to say, “I will not fear; for as my day–so shall my strength be. He who has promised–will also fulfill His promise.”

Blessed Lord, I praise You for this precious promise! Help, oh, help me to trust in it; and day by day as duty or trials may require–enable me to look to You and expect sufficient strength from You!
~James Smith

“On the day I called–You answered me; You increased strength within me!” Psalm 138:3″

Trust God for your day. . . Today

Out my little kitchen window:

this morning the wind blows some,
the tree waves some,
the bright umbrella dances some,
and I smiled.