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Matthew 4:19
“Follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you a fisher of men”

This is how Simon Peter’s journey with Jesus began —
he was given a vision of being something other than what he was.
It is also how our journeys begin.
Christ saw him not simply as he was,
but as he would be.
And Jesus committed Himself to making Peter everything
he had the potential of becoming.
But Peter had to answer the call.
And so do you.
Peter could have said no.
He could have stayed with the nets and the boat and the fish,
and followed in the traditions of his father.
He could have remained in Capernaum, his home town,
and lived out his days in anonymous mediocrity.
And so can you.
But Peter said yes!
And as a result, he not only walked on water—
he walked into history!
He became a cherished hero to millions of Christ-followers throughout history,
who see in Peter so much of themselves.
Jesus gave him vision,
and this produced a passion that marked Peter throughout his life.
His eagerness to impress Jesus,
his moodiness when rebuked,
his crazy zeal in vowing to be faithful when others fell away —
all these and more stem from his deep, abiding passion for Christ.
The Lord added to Peter’s vision and passion
the necessary ingredient of discipline —
otherwise Peter would not have gone the distance.
He responded to the process of being disciplined,
and was therefore not only willing, but able,
to take remarkable risks as a faithful follower of Jesus.
Vision, passion, discipline and risk.
That’s how Peter did it.   ~~ Rylie

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