Bro Rick:  Help Thy Brother, Not Keep Him Down

Rom 14:7-13, 1 Jn 2:7, We are in the true light and no longer in darkness, sin is gone.  But if you hate your brother, neighbor, boss, sibling, etc. the darkness of sin will remain.  Mat 26:41, We are in a spiritual war and in enemy territory.  Like a literal was we must be watchful lest the enemy come upon us and take us unaware.  Watch and pray and God will keep you.  Mat 18:7, Offences will come.  What will you do with them?  Mk 9:42, Patience, tolerance, long suffering, engaging brain before tongue goes a long way to preventing offence and or becoming a stumbling block to another.  God is very serious about spiritually being a stumbling block to others especially children or  new converts.  Rom 14:21, If you have a guest in your home and he/she doesn’t eat meat, don’t serve meat nor judge them if their vegan.  1 Cor 10:31-33, Whether you eat or drink do it for the glory of God setting your own comfort aside.  2 Cor 6:1-5, We want the world and the church to see Christ in us!  We are God’s missionaries to the world wherever we go.  When others can see Christ in us in church we encourage the saints and inspire visitors and others to desire salvation.  Mat 5:13, We are the salt of the earth.  Christ wants us salty to make others thirsty for His word.  But, if we lose our savor, we are good for nothing in God’s kingdom.  We all go through trials, sinners and saints alike.  But we have an advantage through Christ to help us through.  Our saltiness enables us to share our advocate with others.  2 Cor 9:1-8, We are all ministers for God.  As such we should cheerfully strive to sow the seeds of God’s work generously that we may also reap generously.