Sis Leslie, 7/9/19: The word “good” has many meanings. It can indicate competence such as good judgement or reliability; he’s a good friend to have in a pinch. It can be used to describe strength, behavior, thoroughness, etc. The word, good, is interpreted by each persons personal perception. one persons perception. What does that mean to us? How easy is it to judge another persons behavior or actions based on your perception of what you believe is correct without an examination of your own past and or current actions? Rom 2:3-4. For that one that will recognize God’s goodness, His goodness will lead to repentance. Ps 19:7-10 God’s laws are just, perfect, sure, pure, enlighten and more valuable than gold. His law instructs and guides us to salvation and freedom from sin. Ps 33:1-5 God’s goodness falls to the sinner and the saved whether deserved or not. He wants to draw you to Him. God’s love is more than any other, so much so that He gave His only son to save your soul. All that He commands of us or prohibits/holds back from us is to clear, cleanse and purify. Ps 40:5 God has us on His mind all the time. He is always there for us to meet our needs. Ps 84:5-6, 11 The valley of Baca is the valley of weeping. It is dry and barren. We all may pass through such a place in our lives from time to time. But the goodness of God will not let us do it alone. He will supply our needs. He is our oasis in the desert, our well spring and so we fear no evil for He is with us. He gives us teachers and guides after His own heart that will feed us. Ex 20:18-20, Ex 31:18, Ex 32:1, Ex 32:15-19 Wait on God and He will shower His goodness on you. Ex 33:13-23 God’s goodness was extended to the Israelites even though they had angered Him. Ex 34:1-8 God will not forgive those who won’t repent. The cleft in the rock is like a place God puts us in during the darkest days in our lives while He passes buy working on those things that need doing to bring back the light. Yes, it is a hard place, it is rock after all. But it’s a place of refuge, protection and near God. It is the center of God’s will. His strength bolsters your courage while extending His goodness to you.