Col 3:1-10  Though there are many things we no longer do when we were in sin, there are still things that we must put off from ourselves.  When we come in from hard work outdoors we remove our soiled, sweaty clothes and wash our bodies.  We don’t even think of putting our soiled clothes back on.  2 Cor 5-17  Our old clothes are gone and we are given a new set of clean clothes.  For example, we need to put off anger at our boss, neighbor, traffic or at some slight from another.  It can not be a part of our walk with God.  Tit 1:7, Eph 4:26  We are not to be angry in a carnal manner.  We need to put off anger by crucifying the flesh daily.  There may be times you get righteously anger at situations or peoples behavior, but not in a carnal way.  Ask God to help you put off your ire whenever the devil tries to fan the flames of your anger.  Even righteous wrath should be slow and not be carried into another day.  A wrathful man/woman does not do the righteousness of God, Jam 1:19-20.  He/she that is slow to anger is better than the mighty.  We need, as saints, to be careful of the words we say.  Harsh, sharp word, gossip, backbiting, etc., need to be put off.  Phi 1:7 Our conversation should be as though Christ were present. It should be positive and colored in love, not complaining or petty.  It takes effort to put off that behavior, especially if you’ve done so in the past.  It’s considered evil communication.  Remember, you are representative of Jesus and any type of this kind of communication defames God.  Lev 24:10-16 Blaspheming God brings spiritual death.  Can you leave things with God that you don’t understand or do you question everything?  It is one thing to seek understanding or clarification of what’s read, heard or taught, but quite another to question or complain about God’s tenents.  Prov 12:22 Lying is an abomination to the Lord.  The devil will tempt you to be deceitful.  It’s often a defense mechanism, especially with children.  A parent can inadvertently push a child into a corner and open up the opportunity to lie.  Try to think of alternative ways to interact with the child other than a direct “did you take that cookie”.  Eph 4:25 Put off lying.  It takes effort not to invite opportunities for others to lie through the manner of your conversation.