Lk 10:38-42, Jn 11:1-5, Mat 26:1-2, 6-7 Scholars believe that Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were related to Simon the leper and that they lived in his house.  Their parents had died.   Martha, the oldest was responsible for maintaining the home.  Mary was the youngest.  The family was well known in the community.  Christ, a close freind of the family, was comphortabl with dropping by unannounced occasoinally.  When this happened it would be Martha’s responsibility to take care of up to 20 unplaned guests with Mary’s help.  One preps the food, while the other sets the table with food and dishes.  But, Mary kept getting sidetracked by Jesus conversation with His deciples.  This is how Martha find Mary, at Jesus feet.  Marth has a choice to understand her younger sisters love for Christ and respond to her actions with assertive grace or do as she did, by reacting to her sister with impatience.  Martha was impatient with her sister and went to Jesus with her complaint.  Jesus response to Martha was to stop what He and patiently take time to instruct/teach her with loving kindness.  Though Martha’s concerns were important, the things of God are eternal.  Those care affected the impatient response to her sisters’ actions.  She was to quick to react and speak, rather than respond to the situation which would allow for an understanding assertive response without harshness.  Martha’s hospitality to her guests should have been extended to her sister as well.  Reactions is aggressive and harsh, while response is slow and thoughtful.  Lk 21-36, 1Pet 4:7-10, 1Pet 4:1-2  We need to be careful that the seemingly important care of the world don’t act as a snare to keep you from the cares and needs of the soul.  We are all going to have the same type of trials, sometimes overcome with needs, and workloads.    1 Pet 5:12  Cast you cares on Jesus.  It takes but a momentary timeout to do so.  He will bear not only burden but you as well.  Think of a childs trust jumping off a couch knowing his father will catch him.  That’s the kind of trust we should have with Jesus when we cast our cares upon Jesus.  Martha correctly went to Christ with her need, though with a grumble.  Jesus lovingly instructed and corrected her.  When dealing with others in different situations, do you react harshly or do you respond with patience?  If you catch yourself reacting, take a short timeout and ask God to help you know how to properly respond, instead and have a blest day.