Bro Rick:  Humility or Pride?

Ezk 34:11-16  God sought us where ever we were and gathered us to one fold, to one church and there He feeds in good pasture.  But those who are self-righteous, who are fat and strong in themselves and don’t need God, He will destroy and feed them with judgment. The enemy of their souls will feed them lies and in their strength they are weak.  Eph 3:8  Many people think of Paul as a great apostle, but not Paul himself.  He felt he was the least of all the saints.  Remember, if you have any talents at all such as tongues, musical instruments, speech, etc., those gifts came from God.  Prov 22:4  A humble person has a modest or low view of their own importance.  God will reward the humble with riches and honor and life.  Not worldly riches as the world counts them but Godly riches.  Mic 6:8  You don’t want to covet worldly fat and strength but rather humility so that you seek the Lord daily so you can be fat and strong in the Lord.  Lk 22:19-27  Jesus set the example of humility seeing Himself and acting as a servant to others.  1 Pet 5:5Yes, the younger is to submit themselves to the elders, but both elder and younger are to be subject one to the other in humility.  Can we do any less than the example Jesus set Himself?  Do you show humility to others through your words and actions?  Are you willing to submit to authority?  Do you support the Pastor with your Amens?   Also, be careful of spiritual pride where you set yourself above those who are not as you.  Lk 18:11  The Pharisee was self-righteous in his spiritual stance in comparing himself with others.  He was without humility, compassion, or love for the plight of others.  Jn 9:39-41, Rev 3:17  We can recognize that we have needs and move up if we remain humble, contrite, and not boastful of our own condition.  Ps 49:6-7  There is nothing wrong with being well off as long as you bring God along.  Jam 4:13-17  The Lord willing, we are going to take that vacation or by that house, etc, etc.  Remember to put God first in “ALL” things.  Be kind to your enemies as Jesus showed us by His own example,  I pray God to help me to be eve humble.