What We Believe

A Bible openedWe believe that God desires to restore an intimate relationship with each individual. Through His sacrifice, Jesus makes a way for each of us to personally know our heavenly Father. By the Holy Spirit God has delivered to us this wonderful plan, the Word of God.

We believe that God makes a way for us to live holy in this life. We are not merely forgiven, we are enabled by God’s mercy to follow Jesus every day.

We believe in the unity of God’s people. We see the body of Christ as separate, however, from mere religion, called out for a purpose. Our unity is with every believer.

We believe in service to each other and our community. We have been given a gift more valuable than gold. Our worship services and outreach programs share Christ with all ages and all walks of life.

We believe in the mercy of God. This is manifested not only by God’s love to us but also his forgiveness for what otherwise would be his judgement and condemnation for our sin.

Further the Church of God believes…

  • In a personal God
  • In the triune nature of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The Bible is inspired, infallible and God’s true message to all of humanity
  • Salvation from sin is received by personal repentance and faith in Christ as Redeemer
  • Salvation is a new spiritual birth
  • A holy, sin-free life is the result of the new birth
  • Sanctification removes the desire to sin. It is a second work of grace
  • In gifts of the Spirit, including healing for our body
  • In regular practice of the ordinances of Christ (baptism, communion, and feet washing)


Scriptural Facts Concerning the Church:

  • Jesus Organized it : Matthew 16:18
  • Good Foundation : Ephesians 2:20; I Corinthians 3:11
  • Christ Governs it : Ephesians 1:22-23; Isaiah 9:6
  • God Admits Members : Acts 2:47; I Corinthians 12:13-18
  • Sin Puts You Out : Romans 11:22; Exodus 32:33
  • Only Saved Members : John 15: 2-6
  • Membership Offered to All : Revelation 22:17
  • Final Rewards : Revelation 20:12-15; 21:3-4; 22:14