Young People Bible Study Classes

This is a critical time in the lives of young people because they are setting a course that will impact the rest of their lives. The true Gospel, taught by adults that deeply care about their students and that are seasoned in the guidance and training of young people, is also of critical importance.Bible Study Classes At the Church of God you will find people who truly care and that take a very active role in teaching and influencing young people in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today’s teen and young adult culture is riddled with alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, and the promotion of future goals centered around self and selfishness. Jesus is not allowed in the high schools, colleges, and the workplace, except in a manner that is for debate or social meetings. At the Church of God we are serious about serving God and promoting the true cause of our Lord Jesus Christ: the salvation of souls young and old by a complete deliverance from sin. This is the only sure foundation for any young person or adult to build their lives upon.

Young People Studying the BibleDeep inside, many young people are actually seeking for some kind of assurance and guidance concerning a lasting companionship and relationship in a marriage and a family. But there is extremely little in modern day culture and religion that will provide what it takes to have the assurance and guidance needed. The Church of God sets a sure foundation that starts with introducing them to full salvation through faith and trust in Jesus Christ. This critical heart-change is the fundamental “first step” left out by modern day religion. No social program or Internet personality evaluation will discover the true affections and intents of the heart. Only God’s Word and his Spirit can search out the heart and provide the love and power to set it in the right direction. Because when hearts become faithful and true to Christ, they will also be faithful and true to one another.